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About Us

About Us

Royze® is a well known, longtime manufacturing wholesaler. Named after founder Roy Zeigler "Roy Z",hence "ROYZE". Since 1952, we have specialized in import carburetor kit manufacturing. , we are a small mom and pop manufacturer. All facets of our business are housed at a single complex, making it easy for us to share information, make custom dies for gaskets, and test equipment.
For over 60 years Royze® has been taking care of your carburetor needs with Import carburetor kits for, the European market with Weber, Mikuni, Solex, SU, Zenith and for the Japanese market, Aisan, Nikki, Hitachi and Keihen. While carburetors kits and fuel injection components are our brand's specialty Royze® is a manufacturing warehouse that is not to big for special orders or to search for hard-to-find items, and giving customers the best friendly service the Royze® can offer. Royze® sells to warehouses, jobbers and technicians.

Major product lines include Holley, Carter, Asian, Keihen, Weber, Makuni, Hitachi, Nikki, Zenith, SU, Solex, Dellorto, plus a world-class roster of quality-focused remanufactured Parts, and the original equipment component manufacturers that are the best in their field.

In rebuilding, we work on nearly all carburetor brands and types, from gasoline-powered motor vehicles to in-board - outboard marine motors.  Unfortunately We no longer rebuild fuel injectors and throttle bodies for carburetors and TBI or "Throttle Body Injection "fuel injection systems.

As a small manufacturer we proudly supply individual and trade customers in the U.S. and throughout the world, with a dedication to quality, service, and integrity.

We appreciate hearing from our customers, especially when there is a component we can add to our kits to improve them. And when there are problems, it is our policy to try to solve them, quickly and fairly. Here's just a sampling of the praise notes that some of our customers have sent to us: